Developing Your Dog’s Attentiveness

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Once we had got the basics of sit and stay, etc. with Hank we started to concentrate on our relationship with him and came across this great video on YouTube that gives you tips for getting your dog to be attentive to you. So needless to say we have started implementing the ideas of rewarding Hank for looking at us and returning voluntarily back to us when on walks.

This video shows you how to get started with clicker training and then uses that to develop a “come” and name recognition (that basically means “pay attention to me when I say your name”). The trainer then goes on to show how she rewards attentiveness on her walks when out and about.

It’s been three weeks now since we got Hank and progress has been really good. We have noticed that we need to be really careful in not overusing his name in everything we say to him. Anyway to show that we do get Hank to be attentive to us here’s a picture to prove it! (Of course it could be the massive bone we are waving in his direction off camera that has attracted his attention… only kidding!)

An attentive dog is one that looks at you for guidance!

An attentive dog is one that looks at you for guidance!

As always we are really interesting to hear about any other useful tips for getting your dog to pay attention to you so please do comment with your ideas.

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