What should my dog’s poop look like?

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Since getting Hank, 3 months ago at the time of writing this, his dog poo has become something that we have almost obsessed about or at the very least talked about every day – and I know we are not alone. It’s quite obvious that looking at your dog’s poo gives you are very quick indicator on their state of health.

We were told that Hank had a delicate stomach and that his stools were unpredictable and this was the case. Even though he was on a premium dry food diet his poo was always on the soft side and quite voluminous – two or three times a day. The picture of his poo below in the pooper-scooper was the best that it would be and more often than not was a lot softer.

Hank's poo before he started the raw diet

Hank’s poo – before he went on the raw diet.

Anyway after a month or so on the dry food diet, and as a follow on from his unfortunate diarrhoea episode, we decided to switch to a raw diet and just like everyone says the immediately noticeable change was in his poo. Less than 24 hours after his first raw meal his faeces were transformed!

Basically his stools came out firm to touch – making them so much more easy to pick up in the doggy bag. Of course having firm stools is also important for your dog’s anal glands which need to be stimulated by the pressure of passing firm stools. If you always have soft stools this can result in the anal glands needing manual stimulation and squeezing – something that is not that pleasant to do apparently and also is not great for your dog.

And the other surprising things was that there was significantly less poo as well. It seemed as if he was actually absorbing more of his meal and therefore creating less waste out the backend!

As part of our research into the raw food diet, etc. I came across this great poo chart kindly produced by one of the dog food manufacturers. The important thing to note is that “Score 3” is the ideal, with scores of 2 and 4 also being acceptable.

The range of dog poo with 3 being the ideal score!

The range of dog poo with 3 being the ideal score!

Now 2 months into his raw diet we can unequivocally say that Hank’s poo is 95% of the time with score 3. I would say that Hank didn’t really have a delicate stomach he just needed the right diet for him which happens to be a raw diet. We are definitely not going back to a dry food diet.

Do you have similar or differing examples of how changing your dog’s diet changed their poo?

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