Going Rawr – How To Switch To a Raw Food Diet For Your Dog

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 A complete guide to putting your dog on a raw food diet.

A complete guide to putting your dog on a raw food diet.

There has been a lot of coverage recently on the telly about a raw food diet for dogs and the benefits and/or risks associated with this. Now I know a lot of people are considering trying it or would like at least to know more – perhaps you are worried about the cost in time and money, and the issue of food contamination.

So I was excited to have come across this book by Maggie Rhines called “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium”. Forget about stuffy old textbooks. This book, which is come in downloadable format as an ebook, gets into the practical nitty-gritty of feeding your dog raw food.

It has good tips and lists on how to start and then continue your dog on this type of diet: from sourcing your food (we have found Morrisons supermarket and our local butcher to be great sources), handling, preparing, storing and serving it.

So no matter if you’ve got an 8 week old puppy or an old boy or gal, you’ll soon be feeding them a healthy raw food diet (as nature intended) in no time at all!

Definitely something you should read BEFORE you start your dog on a raw food diet. Get the full scoop here: http://www.topdogtips.net/going-rawr

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