Dog Crate Update

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I’ve just updated my original post on car crates with the resultant review of my purchase of the Trixie Car Crate.

As you can see I’ve had to modify it slightly by removing the top panel to make it more comfortable / appealing and adding some pipe insulation to pad the bars.
It was actually a real bonus that I could take the top panel out which I obviously wouldn’t have been able to do with a complete wire cage one. Now we have one happy Hank on all our car journeys!

Sitting up in the dog crate

Sitting up in the dog crate

Snuggling up in the dog crate

Snuggling up in the dog crate

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  1. Hi Paul, would like to thank you for the informative blog – I too have been wading through the options for dog car crates!! Trying to find a safe, secure, comfortable and affordable crate to fit my car boot has had me going in circles…..knowing I can remove the top panel has helped with this model. My only concern is the wooden sides & potential damage to them, have you had any problems?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Jane, we have had no problems with the Trixie crate – Hank loves getting in it. The back and sides as you say are wooden and are sturdy and easy to wipe down. Regards, Paul.

  2. Hi Paul, very helpful post. Was the top panel easy to remove – I am not a DIY person! Thanks

    • Hi Jenny, just don’t add the top panel in when you assemble the crate. The instructions were very easy to follow as far as I can remember – no great DIY skills required!

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