About Us


As new dog owners we are very excited to be able to share our experiences through this blog. After having talked about it for years, recent changes in my working circumstances finally allowed my wife and me to consider getting our own dog. We begged, borrowed (but did not steal) other people’s dogs in the past to fulfil our need for canine companionship but now we have our very own Hungarian Vizsla rescue dog.

Hungarian Vizsla - from the rescue charity Vizslamentes

This is a picture of our dog Hank, a Hungarian Vizsla from a rescue charity.

We are really committed to providing him a loving home and training him to be the best he can be! The first course of action was to teach him English as he came from Hungary.

We have created Top Dog Tips to bring together some of the disparate resources that are available for dog lovers on the internet.

Often we were finding that you had to search lots of different sites and use lots of different search terms in order to find the appropriate choices when searching for a particular topic or product for you and your dog, so here we will attempt to bring the resources and links together in one place for you to then make your choice.

Please browse to check out some of the great content and resources we will be putting together for you and your dog.

We hope to cover training, behavioural and health issues as well as covering aspects of our daily lives with “man’s best friend”.

Please stick with us as we build up this site as this is going to be a labour of love.

If you have any suggestions of products or features then please do get in touch.

Have a browse around and if you have any questions contact us.