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Whether you are just starting out with a puppy or have an established pet - discover tips and training you can easily implement to ensure you have a happy and well-balanced dog... which in turn will make you happy and well-balanced!

Discover How To Influence Your Dog With Your Will Alone! Being "Top Dog" Doesn't Mean Dominating With Fear Or Aggression.

It’s A Dog’s Life!

A dog needs more than just lying around all day - it needs training and exercise!

Discover how good dog training results in a contented dog who is eager to please and knows his place in the family.

More About Us

As new dog owners we are very excited to be able to share our experiences through this blog. After having talked about it for years, recent changes in my working circumstances finally allowed my wife and me to consider getting our own dog. We begged, borrowed (but did not steal) other people’s dogs in the past to fulfil our need for canine companionship but now we have our very own Hungarian Vizsla rescue dog.

Hungarian Vizsla - from the rescue charity Vizslamentes

This is a picture of our dog Hank, a Hungarian Vizsla from a rescue charity.

We are really committed to providing him a loving home and training him to be the best he can be! The first course of action was to teach him English as he came from Hungary.

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Recent Blog Posts

Getting fit with your dog

Some of my running friends have started their own enterprise at promoting fitness with your dog. Check out their website for lots of useful articles and canicross kit to buy....

New Tricks

Discover this book that we just bought last week – to find new things and tricks to do with our dog, Hank.

Apres Wet Wear

This is a great doggie accessory – we are forever going through our towels to dry Hank off after a wet walk or run and then putting a fleece (which also ends up damp) on him before he gets back in the car – here we can combine both towel and fleece into one! It will be great also to use after his showers/baths at home. I think we’ll be getting one of these – shame it only comes in the colour blue. ;-( The coat is suitable for all type of dogs and coats, and for best use ensure the bathrobe fits loosely. Simply rub the dogs coat dry. Then when done rinse...

Going Rawr – How To Switch To a Raw Food Diet For Your Dog

There has been a lot of coverage recently on the telly about a raw food diet for dogs and the benefits and/or risks associated with this. Now I know a lot of people are considering trying it or would like at least to know more – perhaps you are worried about the cost in time and money, and the issue of food contamination. So I was excited to have come across this book by Maggie Rhines called “Going Rawr! Dog Lover’s Compendium”. Forget about stuffy old textbooks. This book, which is come in downloadable format as an ebook, gets into the practical nitty-gritty of feeding your dog raw food. It has good tips and...

Waterproof Hurtta Winter Dog Jacket

Given the REALLY wet winter we’ve been having this year I think we might need to get Hank one of these WATERPROOF Hurtta winter dog jackets. I’m sure the worst of winter is not over yet… Red, black or blue are available – what do you...

CPR For Dogs

This was shared with me on facebook and I thought it was really useful – something we ought to know how to do. We are forever taking Hank out, in sometimes remote places, either running or walking and he could need medical attention if he had a mishap while he was zooming about. It’s good to know what to...

Climate Changer Dog Fleece

Just wanted to share our latest purchase for Hank – a brand new fleece for those chilly winter mornings. This is not a full-on winter coat but is great to put on when your dog could just do with a little extra warmth. You can see Hank here modelling it beautifully.  We got him a Medium which fits him just right. It also comes in Black, Grey or Pink and we pondered long and hard about which colour to get – but hopefully you’ll agree the Orange fleece suits him quite well. You can check out all the different colours by clicking on the Ruffwear Fleece link...

Mind Games For Dogs

Here is a great video with some ideas on mind games that you can play with your dog and NOT just when they might be forced into crate...

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